Students come from all different walks of life just to walk amongst one another on the same campus. Besides having the common goal of getting a degree, some may have hidden talents that one wouldn’t expect. Well let me introduce to you, Liek$tar and Ghee, two rising rappers attending Delaware State University who plan to leave you mesmerized by lyrics and reciting all of their hooks.

Dante Ghee, also known as Ghee is a Philadelphia native, majoring in Movement Science. Just so happens he can rap too.

Rapper Ghee, on the set of his music video, "10 Bands"
Rapper Ghee, on the set of his music video, “10 Bands”

Q: I saw that you used to play football. How did you turn from football to rapping?

A: “Once I realized that I didn’t get an offer from a division one school my senior year of high school, that motivated me more, but I started rapping because I had to make a rap for my music appreciation class and after I made the song, I fell in love with writing music.”

Q: I see you use the acronym FAM a lot in your pictures on Instagram. What does it stand for?

A: “FAM stands for Focused and Motivated, something my friend Qua came up with when we were younger to help us stay focused and it stuck ever since.”

Q: Where do you pull your inspiration from for your lyrics?

A: “My inspiration for my lyrics come from stuff I’ve been through and stuff I do every day. Another thing that inspires me is just a hot beat that be enough inspiration right there.”

Q: I know for Homecoming you opened up for Future and Meek Mill during the concert, how was that experience?

A: “The experience was cool, wasn’t that big of a deal to me to be honest though, it wasn’t like I got to actually meet them or anything. But I will say it was cool that Future was actually listening to my music live though.”

Q: If you had to choose one rapper that you can relate to, who would it be?

A: “I’d have to say J. Cole just off the strength that he went to college and his music just moves me in a different way. He’s been my favorite since I was in the eighth grade. I also say Meek Mill too just because of where he came come and how he grinded from nothing.”

Q: For those who don’t know where they can find your music, where can they find it?

A: “On Soundcloud, just type in ‘Ghee’, I have a couple videos on Youtube also. But if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter which is @Famghee, I always keep people posted on when I dropping new music.”

As we move down south a bit, Maleik Yates, a Prince George’s County native, majoring in criminal justice.

Liek$tar performing at Delaware State University's talent show, DSU Got Talent.
Liek$tar performing at Delaware State University’s talent show, DSU Got Talent.

Q: The first I saw you perform, you performed at our freshman talent show, how did you begin rapping?

A: “Basically all the way up till I came to college, it was something I did for fun and I never took it seriously. I would write stuff down and people would like what I wrote. Me and my friends created this group called the Session and got the opportunity to perform for Hidden Vanity, and ever since then I began to take the rap thing seriously since other began taking me serious.”

Q: Where do you pull your inspiration for you lyrics?

A: “Most of the inspiration comes from real life experiences, stuff I’ve been through, stuff I’ve seen people go through, things I was taught really.”

Q: Who do you think is your biggest cheerleader in your squad?

A: “Tadoe. Has to be my girl Tadoe, that’s not even a question.”

Q: If you had to choose one rapper that relates to yourself, who would it be and why?

A: “Lil Wayne. Just because he’s my favorite rapper. If I could ever one day be compared to Wayne then I feel like I’ve accomplished something just based upon his style and his lyricism and how he raps, if I could relate to anyone it’d be him.”

Q: Do you both write and produce your own music?

A: “I mainly write, I help produce, still learning the technical parts of it.”

Q: Do you get a lot of support from back home?

A: “Yeah, it’s still growing since I just started, but a majority of my support comes from back home.”

Q: For those who can’t find your music where can they find it?

A: “You can find all my music on Soundcloud, just type in ‘Liek$tar’ also I have a song on Spinrilla called “Coco” if you type in the same thing.”

So there you have it. Be on the lookout for these two talented rappers, never know you might catch them on a stage or TV near you.