Erykah Badu has no problem asserting her position. Much respect to the artist who keeps fans intrigued and thinking critically. On Tuesday, April 12, the first clip of Badu’s surprise visit and impromptu performance for students from The Future Project at Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, NJ swept the internet. In this second segment Badu speaks to the students about her experience as a teacher and her aspirations to open her own school.

Badu shared with the students about her own educational background and career of majoring in theater and minoring in physics at Grambling State University and going on afterwards to teach dance, theater, science and math. She also gave some details around what her school would ideally entail from curriculum to hours and a shortened school week.

While, on her visit, Badu, was named honorary dream director from The Future Project. The Future Project places dream directors in schools to provide coaching, offer courses, and apply culture-change techniques to create impact on building will and skill in students and improving the culture of the school.