jemayne king jcsu sneaker culture
Photo credit: Charlotte Agenda

Growing up as a kid having the latest sneakers out meant you probably was one of the cool kids, and you could only be part of the cool crowd by having the latest sneakers out growing up as a kid. For many self-described sneakerheads, it’s more than just a culture—it’s also a lifestyle. Jemayne King, a professor at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC, is teaching about that lifestyle, and much more.

According to Complex, the course “touches on elements of sociology, economics, and history, all through the lens of sneaker culture.” King, who also penned a “digestible” book on sneaker culture called Sole Food in 2008, said it’s the first English course of its kind in the history of higher education incorporating sneaker culture as a theme. Pretty dope.

“When he’s not writing about sneakers, lecturing about sneakers and collecting his own sneakers (he has enough to go “a few years” without wearing the same pair twice), King also co-hosts The Gentleman & The Jerk podcast and runs Sole Food Brand, his own line of branded lifestyle apparel,” reported Charlotte Agenda. Check out the video below, and head over to Complex for more information.