HBCU RecordsWhile historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are renowned for their music programs, they are also becoming more notorious for producing quality musical artists.

One black college in particular is Bethune-Cookman University, with a rich musical heritage that includes a Concert Chorale, the Wildcats Marching Band and now the emergence of HBCU Records. With the help of the newly launched HBCU Records, musicians at HBCUs can make their dreams of getting signed to a record label a reality.

HBCU Records is an up and coming student run label formed by the Mike Curb Music Business. Mike Curb is one of the most prominent figures in the entertainment with his own independent record label and various records produced by his label that have honored by Billboard magazine. He provided the endowment for B-CU to create the Curb Institute, which is the latest program to receive funding from the Mike Curb Family Foundation.

In January 2015, the Mike Curb Business Entertainment & Sports Institute at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida formed HBCU Records. Its mission is to prepare students through participation in the institute’s activities, for successful careers in music business, entertainment of sports.

HBCU Records provides students “real-world experience in real time” to participate in all label activities such as: artists & repertoire (A&R), which is the division responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists and songwriters; publicity, marketing & promotions, social media, record production and distribution. The goal of the label is to deliver top talent by focusing on the lost art of “artist development.”

Late last year, gospel recording artist and Jacksonville, FL native L. Paul Jackson Jr. and military veteran Daniel Glover also known as DJ DGlove, both students at Bethune-Cookman, completed their first recording session after being signed by the new record label. With the assistance from Curb Records’ artist Larry Gordon who provided vocals, the first recording session held at MidTown Recording Studios was a success.

Following the performance by the two artist during the Florida Classic, HBCU Records plans to release its debut singles on April 29, 2015.