Last week, Paul Quinn College and President Michael Sorrell surprised Keke Palmer with an acceptance letter to the school during her talk with Paul Quinn students on campus. The entire experience moved Palmer to tears. Check out the video below.

Palmer, who is a recognized actress, singer and songwriter, said her “heart was pounding” when the acceptance letter was presented to her by Sorrell because she never got a chance to go to college. In her blog, Palmer writes, “I think to start college and to finish college is a huge achievement.” Palmer also said that while she’s not writing books, acting and recording music she always tries to visit schools and talk to students.

The actress was given several gifts including a bag of swag from Miss Paul Quinn College. “Welcome to Quinnite Nation!” said Sorrell in the video, bringing Palmer to tears. “You went to high school, you’ve been doing all of this amazing stuff… What we thought was the most special gift to give to you is your letter of acceptance to Paul Quinn College,” Sorrell told her.

“I feel as if I’m educated on life and people but my school education is in the air,” Palmer writes in her blog. “So to be accepted and acknowledged in that way truly touched me.”

Though college isn’t for everyone, Palmer said completing a degree at a four-year college is a goal she wants to accomplish. We’re hoping she will join Quinnite Nation as a future student and soon.