Morehouse College student, Prince Abudu, has been selected to the 2016 International Rhodes Scholar class. Abudu is the fourth Morehouse student to be selected to the prestigious scholarship to attend the University of Oxford in England. Abudu hails from the country of Zimbabwe and is very excited to make his home country proud.

“It is a truly humbling honor to be a Rhodes Scholar,” Abudu told HBCU Buzz. “Many younger people look up to me as their role model because of such an honor. For that reason, I cannot disappoint, underachieve or concede to mediocrity.”

The Rhodes scholarship is very prestigious and provides for two or three years of study at Oxford. The Morehouse student plans to pursue a master’s degree in computer science and a MBA at Oxford.

“My life motto says, ‘Destinato Alla Gloria.’ That is an Italian phrase for ‘Destined for Greatness!’ I remind myself of the meaning of that phrase everyday and that gives me the drive to achieve eminence without excuses!” he said.

After hearing his story many young men will be inspired and want to become a Rhodes Scholar like him. “I would advise any aspiring Rhodes Scholars to find something that gives them drive and motivation to pursue their dreams through discouraging times,” he said, when asked about what advice he would give to young students. “If a young farm boy from the middle of nowhere somewhere in Africa made it, I do not see why you cannot make it also.”

“Importantly, you cannot be a Rhodes Scholar if you do not have a heart for other people. Demonstrate in your own special people your love for mankind and you will surely be well on your way to such a prestigious achievement.”

In the summer of 2014, Abudu interned with Cummins Inc, where he developed a call support tree for technology-related issues for the plant’s IT Department and warehouse users. Abudu is also a honors student in Morehouse’s department of Computer Science.

Abudu has been successful since his time at Morehouse but still has a bright future ahead of him.

Morehouse College was the first HBCU to produce an African American Rhodes Scholar and is now the only HBCU to produce four scholars. Former Morehouse Rhodes Scholars include Nima Warfield, named in 1994, Christopher Elders, 2002, and Oluwabusayo “Tope’” Folarin, 2004.