Recently, the website College Choice gave the Spelman College community another reason to cherish “the last cultural jewels black people have in this country” and take pride in their HBCU. The website has announced Spelman as its highest-rated HBCU on their annual list of the country’s best black colleges to attend.

Last year, the renowned black college in Atlanta ranked No. 17 on the list, while having the highest “net price” of any other black college in the Top 25 at the time. According to the website, Spelman earned top HBCU this year based on their strong academic reputation, financial aid offerings, overall cost, and success of graduates landing desirable jobs.

Lots of people don’t know much about the 107 HBCUs in the nation, yet alone why, indeed, they are relevant now more than ever. College Choice reported, “Historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, is not necessarily a term everyone is familiar with, but it is one everyone ought to know. These colleges and universities were established after the American Civil War to offer African American students a chance at an education.”

“Students who are considering an HBCU would benefit from the traditions set forth by these universities. They were created in a tradition of making their students self-reliant and encouraged them to think for themselves, making these universities more rigorous in their academic pursuits, which lead students to come out of university with a higher quality of education.”

“For new students who are looking for a college or university that offers them an education in the historically black tradition, this ranking will be of great help. It is the definitive list of the best HBCUs in the country,” according to the website.

Howard University in the nation’s capital comes in on the list at second place, followed by Hampton University in Virginia taking the third spot. The rest of top 10 HBCUs includes Morehouse College in Atlanta, Tuskegee University in Alabama, Xavier University of Louisiana, Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, Fisk University in Nashville, Claflin University in Orangeburg and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro.   

Check out the entire list over at College Choice.  

5Tuskegee University with as core of 92.6

4Morehouse College with a score of 92.7

3Hampton University with a score of 93.8

2Howard University with a score of 94.

1Spelman College with a score of 100

“It is the most comprehensive HBCU in the nation and produces more doctoral recipients than any other university.” According to College Choice

Check www.collegechoice.net for the complete list.