Florida A&M University is ready to begin a new era of band life and culture on campus under Shelby Chipman after being led by FAMU graduate Sylvester Young since May 2013, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

On Friday, FAMU President Elmira Magnum announced at the school’s annual alumni awards gala in Tampa that Chipman, a FAMU grad “who studied under the legendary William P. Foster and Julian White at FAMU,” will be the new director of bands at the black college.

“There is no question that FAMU is the home of the most innovative and imitated band program in the world,” Mangum said in a statement, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. “So, it is only fitting that an innovator and visionary like Dr. Chipman become the next leader to take our program to even greater heights.”

Marching 100 Director, Sylvester Young with band members.

What’s in store for the Marching 100 band in 2016? According to Chipman, we should all be keeping tabs on the movement.

“We are planning a special performance and tribute to a legendary musician that will be like no other,” he said.

We’re here for this.

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