College Park Police officer David Hough (NCCU Class of 07), who was recently promoted to the rank of sergeant, died on Monday at the age of 31.

Hough reportedly lost control of his motorcycle and hit a median around 5:30 p.m. while driving on I-20 in Covington, according to WSB-TV. Reports say he later died at a local hospital.

Hough was greatly admired and was considered to be a rising star in the department. With his death, the department will have to find the strength to move on and continue to protect and serve the community.

Chief Keith Meadows released a statement saying “We’re sad because Sgt. Hough was just recently promoted to the rank of sergeant and he was an up-and-coming officer in our ranks. We’re going to make it through it. We’re going to band together and we’re going to continue to serve the people of College Park.”

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the Hough family and the NCCU community.