If you are like most freshman students your time is split between being impulsive, embracing new found freedom, exploring a new city, spending a refund check, or other carefee joys that can be the foundation to the best college memories.

Caution: do not to be too carefree or too impulsive. Nine times out of ten, carelessness and impulsiveness are the driving factors on the road to a bad reputation. Remember that branding is everything and first impressions are lasting ones. Image is not everything and we should not be judged by our image, but the fact of the matter is ..we are! Do yourself a favor and beware of these easy mistakes that tarnish can your image:


blacklist – (n.) – a list of persons placed on a list under suspicion, disfavor, or censure

It is perfectly fine to be a freshman and know or have an idea about a divine nine, Greek-letter organization you would like to join. Do not claim to be a “future-ANYTHING”, as it is both presumptive and disrespectful. Your organization goals should remain your business until the appropriate time to express interest, which is generally at a formal rush ceremony. Freshman year is for innocent enjoyment. It is common for these organizations to have programming throughout the year, especially after a new line has been welcomed. I am not telling you to avoid these programs but do not get caught being too thirsty.

People treat you how you let them, and if you are the first one in line at every single program, 41 million hours early, desperately trying to get attention.. know that you are signing yourself up to be toyed with. And once it starts, good luck shedding that attention.

There is a difference between being interested and being thirsty. Do yourself a favor and don’t make the mistake of being too thirsty for any organization. (especially because most Greek-letter organizations require 30 credit hours, which typically equates to a sophomore classification)