Going to college is of the most memorable experiences that anyone can encounter.  I can vividly remember the preparation leading up to arriving on campus and being assigned to a complete stranger to share living quarters for almost a 9 months. So yes, there is some anxiety but when it comes to decorating your room there are so many common mistakes that you just may not be aware of. So I’m saving you from having the “roomie” conversation by following these tips to decorating the perfect space.

2. Color Scheme

The color scheme of your bedding, and linen is very important. Creating a space that doesn’t have too many loud color patterns (unless that you’re reference) is the key to creating a peaceful environment. It;s nothing worse than walking into a vibrant room and there is no sense of symmetry. Remember this is your sanctuary! Try sticking with naturals  such as off white, taupe, mauve and pastels then buying from this.
So if there is any advice that I can give you is that, college is about  making lasting memories and I highly doubt that you will be spend most of our days in your dorm room. However the process of decorating can be a stress reliever from all of the school work and fun project that you can collectively do with your roommate. You can even try mentioning to the RA about a Roomie Decorating competition (DIY) of course to ad some friendly competitiveness in there. Trust me time flies when your having fun time and before you know it 4 years will come and go really quick.
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