drakeyardfestRather it is a welcome back to campus party, a day of community service, or a seminar aimed at getting college students prepared for the real world, a group of people are behind preparing the event and the next one could be your organization. The key to success in putting together any successful event is remembering your P’s. Here’s 5 P’s that will produce a very prosperous event on campus, you can see them below.

5No idea is a bad idea, plan for everything.

Your idea for an event will not happen if you think it can’t happen. Write out your thoughts and ideas. Take time to think on them and write out various options. The most important detail to ponder on is the purpose of planning. Why do you want to have the event? Who is benefitting from it? What will participants walk away with? If the event has no purpose to it then there is no reason to plan.

Your planning should include backup plans for location, responsibilities for those working the event, dates, times, and cost. Planning takes time and successful events should not be rushed. The more time you have to plan the better.