Though historically black colleges and universities have a reputation for producing well over half of all African-American higher education degrees, they are also known to be the ultimate social, party, and entertainment hubs. Life on campus at an HBCU will not only get you ready for the grind of daily life after college, they will help you thrive. Have fun and embrace a regret-free collegiate career at all costs; just don’t go too far and find yourself kicked off campus, because it will happen.. and there may be little to nothing that you can do to rectify your situation.

Before you are about to “try it” with HBCU administration, think of that fun, strict parent: they support you, especially if you handle your business, but when you start to slack off and fall short of expectations, you will be punished.. and it will not be pretty. HBCU administration is no different. Your education is worth more than momentary satisfaction. Do not try it.

There are 5 major “no-no’s” that will get you thrown off campus:

2Puff Puff, Pass

Do you enjoy partaking in illicit drug-related activity? Pills, cocaine, heroin, acid, mushrooms, and even marijuana, which is decriminalized in some states, have no place on a college campus. Though these drugs have the reputation of enhancing party life and relieving stress, the truth is, anytime you inject, snort, sniff, puff, or ingest one of these substances, you put your life and the lives of others at risk. Puff Puff PASS on the drugs. You have been warned.