Phi Beta Sigma

“Party, Party, Party, Let’s All Get Wasted!” I’m sure you’ve heard these lyrics from the newly-released Gucci Mane. Even more, I’m sure as a HBCU freshmen you can’t wait to get to all the college parties! There’s Back to School, Homecoming, Springfest, ABC (Anything But Clothes) parties and more likely than not, these parties will be held by a set of key organizations on campus, fraternities. Fraternities are known to bring the crowd, the livest DJ and much more. Here are 5 truths about fraternity parties:


Since, we’re on the topic of attire, many frat parties are hot, and not the regular hot, I mean humid, drenched-in-sweat-like-I-just-jumped-out-a-pool hot so my natural gals may want to wear a weather appropriate hairstyle. Ladies, you walked in slaying, let’s make sure you continue to slay all night. Also, because of the humidity and sweat, be mindful that the floor may be slippery. You DO NOT want to fall in a party. (I did once, but that’s another story.)