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Seeing the problems that black people face in America sprouted an urge in a new author’s soul to write. Javanna Plummer, 20, is a junior English major at Tuskegee University. She recently wrote the five chapter book Mo’s Mix and eight chapter Mo’s Mix: Queen-dom, which tackles the struggles of the natural beauty, survival of black business, infidelity, poverty and homosexuality within the black community.

She has also wrote the play “Say La Vie,” which is based on different personality types. After the production hit the stage at Tuskegee, the idea of writing a book began and it didn’t take long to produce. Within months Plummer put together the story of Monique, a determined dreamer who opened up a natural hair supply store.

According to the book’s summary, “While fighting to take care of her business, the 27-year-old Monique also has a brother struggling to stay faithful with his wife and another brother struggling with homosexuality. Striving to make a difference in her community, April Spring plots for ways to take down Monique’s business and save her own. April thinks the black race doesn’t accept her because of her mixed racial makeup so she struggles with self-acceptance in her mind.”

6Natural beauty is important to Plummer and she realized she needed to appreciate hers when she saw how so many young ladies were natural at the black college.

With a” Why Not?” mentality, she plans on publishing more work as these two books are part of a series.

She is currently traveling to various libraries in the Chicago area speaking about her books.

Inspired by getting involved with the Young Black Artist Movement at TU she met Kiana Leveritte, who motivated her to strive to make her writing career blossom and now they are sorors of Zeta Phi Beta.

Through meeting people like Leveritte, and committing many nights to writing while on campus and home for the summer Plummer is an example of not waiting to make thoughts into stories.

You can keep up with Mo’s Mix on facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, and youtube at MosMixSeries and purchase online at Amazon.