One North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University alum, one Morehouse College alum and one Delaware State University alum has been named to “The Black and Lit List: 30 People Under 30 To Watch Out For In New York’ by BET. BET recently celebrated these three black college alums and other “movers and shakers” for being who they are. The network asked “each participant to let us know what being young, Black and lit affords them,” here are their responses.

Sylvia Obell, 26, is a Writer at BuzzFeed and is a graduate of N.C. A&T:

“It affords me the power to bring my mind/experiences to the conversation, to be part of the tribe of scribes out here making sure our generation is represented in the media, to push certain convos on social media #fortheculture — all while being my Black-ass self. It’s important to me to use whatever platform I have to make content that is fun, insightful, and unique while giving the next generation of Black kids examples of themselves to see and inspire, because as crazy as this world can be (especially for us) dreams come true everyday. Everyone on this list is proof.”

Donovan Ramsey, 28, is a Writer and Fellow at Demos and is a graduate of Morehouse:

“As I interpret it, [it] gives me the power to see the real from the fake in this world and the responsibility to speak truth to power.”

Jamila Mustafa, 23, is a BET Host, Journalist and TV Personality and is a graduate of Delaware State University:

“The youth of today are the decision makers of tomorrow and our Black culture lives in every inch of our music, fashion and language. Now, being LIT means that you never wait for validation, because the confidence you hold in yourself is what the fabric that dreams are weaved around. If you are able to be young, Black and lit then you are most definitely #WINNING!”

The list of writers, educators, finance gurus, DJs, advertisers, product designers, photographers, entrepreneurs and models all shared their own life experiences, what it means to be Black and lit and more. Head over to BET to read more.