If you haven’t visited the Alabama A&M University campus in a while, then you’ll likely notice a sense of “bustle” from the top to the bottom of The Hill.

Following the demolishment of Gravitt Apartments to make way for a new 600-bed residential facility on Meridian Street, a site contractor is now preparing the grounds, according to Brian Shipp of Physical Facilities (right).  Also leveled was the Old Pump House located in the rear of Normal Post Office (below, left).  Shipp said the area will simply return to being its original green space as part of campus beautification efforts along Meridian.

In keeping with its aim to renovate one building unit a year, the University has begun renovations to Building 7 in the massive Normal Hills Student Apartments complex.

Art and music students and faculty returning in the fall will find that the parking lot of the Morrison Building has been resurfaced.  From Morrison, the view across Legacy Lake and Meridian Street reveals a sizeable void, not only because of the disappearance of Gravitt Apartments, but also because of the relocation of the structure that housed the Office of Human Resources.  Shipp noted that the structure and HR offices are now located near the rear, northeast entrance of the campus, directly behind the Councill Federal Credit Union (above, right).

CarterHallReno.jpgRenovations are also on target in Carter Hall science building (above), as labs and office renovations continue to take shape.  Second, third and fourth floors of Hopkins Hall, a male residence hall, are at 85 percent completion, said Shipp.  Next door, the former police station has been demolished.  Finally, a structure that will be used to wash the vehicles of the Bulldog Transit System is out for bid.

This post originally appeared at AAMU.edu.