A student at HBCU Simmons College of Kentucky says he has created a product that will keep athletes’ head out of harm’s way, potentially putting an end to concussions.   

Langston Gaither made a helmet that will lower the amount of concussions on the field. He “developed tiny pads that attach to the areas of the helmet most people are directly hit, including the sides, crown, front, and back of the helmet,” according to WHAS 11.

Gaither said he is football player himself. So, if anyone knows what it is like to get smacked by a linebacker on the field, he does, saying “I’ve taken enough hits on the head to know that the equipment might have to get better.”

He added, “From kids to professionals, they’re getting bigger, stronger, faster, and our equipment has to do the same thing.”

From WHAS 11:

Gaither explained that the pads absorb the majority of the energy from a hit, putting less stress on the player’s head. He admitted there wasn’t much that could be improved inside of the helmet, but those pads could open up new doors of opportunity and safety.

He began working on the product in 2013, completing a rough prototype in about three months. Since its inception, Gaither has gotten the attention of engineers at the University of Louisville.

“I talked to some engineers at UofL and they are willing to work with me on prototyping the helmet even more,” Gaither said.


The black college student said his helmet will be a game-changer for safety in sports, since concussions on the field has become a major problem for current and future athletes over the years.

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