Kasim Reed is no rookie to this type of stuff. When he took the stage on Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, he brought years of service to his community and the Democrats finding ways to use his voice for change over the years. Reed proclaimed that “our achievements are limited only by what we can dream and do” during his noteworthy speech—here, he was self-confident and moving—but then he showed why he was chosen to speak in front of a large audience.

The Atlanta Mayor and graduate of HBCU Howard University in the nation’s capital delivered an impressive speech in support of the Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton. According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Reed is “a likely candidate for higher office” and, in partnership with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has pushed “for more gun restrictions and climate change restrictions.” Unfortunately, though, because Reed’s speech came after that of VP Joe Biden, and most networks and their pundits instead chose to relive Biden’s speech, many people missed out on an opportunity to witness greatness.

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But Reed’s speech is something to remember, especially if he is seeking higher officer. “I believe we have a responsibility to one another, and to the next generation, to ensure that our opportunity is limited only by our imagination. I share this belief with Hillary Clinton: That our achievements are limited only by what we can dream and do,” he said to the crowd. In the video below, Reed talked about one particular graduate of HBCU Morehouse College in Atlanta, why he is supporting Clinton for president and more.