If the presidential election were held today, Virginians would vote for the GOP nominee Donald Trump over presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as our nation’s 45th president, a new Hampton University poll finds. In a roughly even race to the White House, Trump edges out Clinton 39.2 to 38.8.

Even when asked if actual enforcement of rules and regulations that prevent and stop illegal immigration into the United States — the signature issue of the Trump campaign — Virginians at 80 percent overwhelmingly favor those regulations to prevent illegal immigration into the country. According to the HU poll, 57.7 percent of Virginians would also prefer an increased on regulations regarding legal immigration into the country.

Concerned over a terror attack in the U.S., the majority of Virginians think the U.S. should lead a ground force coalition against ISIS. Virginians also significantly favor the U.S. to participate in a multi-nation campaign against ISIS compared to those who oppose it.

But Virginians still see Clinton as dishonest and not to be trusted—just 36 percent of Virginians say they could trust a President Clinton. Trump performed slightly better, with 42 percent of those surveyed responding that Trump is not to be trusted.