Jerrica Russaw, a 2014 graduate of Tuskegee University, is on a mission to give back to her community and enlighten her peers. On July 22, Russaw’s first book entitled “Life Without Parole: The Journey to Freedom” was released. The purpose of this step-by-step guide is to help people gain spiritual freedom and spiritual enlightenment. This book reaches out to those who have unresolved issues or circumstances in their life and feel weighed down because of the them. It offers inspirational messages to help those that feel chained regain control over themselves and take back their freedom.

Jerrica Russaw was born in Hinesville, GA, a small town outside of Savannah, GA. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and currently resides in Auburn, Alabama. She is employed as an outpatient case manager at East Alabama Mental Health Center where she assists underprivileged families progress through everyday life. In her earlier years, Jerrica recalls being sexually assaulted as a child in addition to having different health ailments growing up. She opens up in her book about having issues with her Father which ultimately led to problems in her relationships in her adult years. Through these experiences, this 23-year-old author was able to allow her spiritual side to take over throughout this book to offer encouragement to those whom may be encountering the same problems that she once did. “This is really just a book that helps people let things go and achieve freedom from those things that have become chains of bondage over their lives,” said Jerrica about her book. She is also the founder of a growing ministry called The Righteous Movement. The ministry can be related back to her book as through both mediums, she is trying to educate the world about God.


Believe it or not, this book took Jerrica only 30 days to write. It was then published by Keen Vision Publishing out of Huntsville, AL. Keen Vision Publishing presents an opportunity for aspiring authors to get their books published through the Maverick writing challenge which Jerrica successfully participated in. This proved to be quite the task for Jerrica as she was working two jobs while still working on getting her book written in 30 days. “I’m pretty proud of myself because it was quite the task.”


With Jerrica being a young college graduate, the goal is to help other recent college graduates, college students and young adults realize that although adult life is hard, dealing with things alone is possible if you put your mind to it. According to Jerrica, what makes this book so authentic and so relatable is that she was still in bondage while writing this book. Jerrica plans to continue writing books and inspiring other people through her work.

You can reach out to this young up-and-coming author via social media @jerricarussaw and you can also keep up with her ministry at or following her on social media on Instagram and Facebook @therighteousmovement or via Twitter @jerricarussaw.