A man who was assaulted and burned during what was supposed to be a fun Independence Day weekend is speaking out. Kyzyl Tenpenny, who graduated from The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in 2012 and joined the United States Marines Corps in 2013, said in addition to suffering from severe burns, he was also left with cuts and bruises to his hands and face, reported NEA Report.

According to a viral post that he shared on his own Facebook page, Tenpenny said he was afraid to speak out but now wants to ensure that his story is told. “Normally I don’t make posts of personal life issues, but I couldnt keep quiet. I have contemplated over and over if I should share my story. My story must be told,” he said.

The post has nearly 5,000 shares on Facebook.

Tenpenny said, “Friday before last, I was invited to Spring River, located in Hardy, Ar. It was pretty much a Mardi Gras on the river. Honestly, I was so excited to go because not only was I invited by my Marine brothers, but when this event was described, it simply sounded fun.”

“Some of my Marine brothers left a day before, but I was waiting on another marine, coincidentally a black guy, who was unable to attend until that Friday,” he added. “When we arrived at the campsite on Spring River, we unloaded the car, set up the tent and greeted the other Marines. As the night progressed, we relocated to an area where the festivities were happening.”

But to his horror, things changed as the night proceeded, “When we arrived at the party site, we pretty much realized that I and the marine who rode with me were the only blacks there. As the night proceeded, we engaged in a tournament of beer pong. This was when everything seemed to go downhill,” he said.

Read his entire story on the incident below.