Getting the opportunity to meet new people, and assist a lot of people, a Hampton alumna has been accepted into the Peace Corps after dreaming about it for 53 years. No word on when Bettie Anderson, 73, is departing for Botswana but she is preparing to give two years of service, despite the naysayers who claimed she was too old. “I’m getting a lot of support,” said Anderson. “Initially I didn’t, because people were like, ‘We’re old, we need to sit back retired,’ and now they’re like ‘Go, go, go!'” Director of alumni affairs Brint Martin said in a statement, “For generations Hampton University has produced stellar leaders in all walks of life. We honor alumna Bettie Anderson for her years of continued service as she embarks on this incredible adventure. Her work in Botswana will continue the legacy of Hampton alumni serving the global community.” Anderson thinks this would be a very good opportunity to learn a new language, and said with a lot of prayer that is possible.