Nick Cannon has enrolled as a freshman at historically black Howard University in the nation’s capital, according to a photo Cannon shared on his personal Instagram account that shows him posing in front of a Howard University sign in his first day of school’s best (every guy should own a good pair of boots) on campus at the school.

But Cannon and the rest of the students in the Class of 2020 at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) across the country should read this important guide about surviving your first year at college that was created just for you, and I will tell you what it is after this.

“Welcome to the bison family, Nick Cannon,” one Twitter user said, after hearing the news that Cannon decided to attend Howard.

Indeed, it’s never too late to go back to school. The Howard community welcomed Cannon to the family, but they also had their fair share of funny jokes. From Vibe:

“Naturally, the internet had some fun with the fact Cannon is bringing his 2002 Drumline movie character to life. Nick played the role of a prolific drummer in the school band as a freshman at a historically black university.

Orlando Jones also known as Dr. Lee in Drumline, posted a playful tweet going back to a popular line he relayed to Cannon in the film.”

“Cannon, 35, did not say what prompted his decision to enroll, or what he plans to study,” reported CNN.

Now I will tell you what Cannon and the Class of 2020 at HBCUs should read, but first check out this video of Cannon showing Howard pride.

This is what you have been waiting for, here is what Cannon and the Class of 2020 at HBCUs should read about how to survive their first year at college below.

Earlier this year, HBCU Buzz released the #HBCUFreshmanBible to help build a bridge for students to make a successful transition from high school to black colleges. In this edition of the #HBCUFreshmanBible, the HBCU Buzz Staff has collected and written on a variety of topics, from Black Greeks and calculating college spending, café food, and getting involved on campus to college parties and tips to impressing the ladies, decorating your dorm room, and visits to the financial aid office on campus. You can view the #HBCUFreshmanBible here.

Central State University freshman during the Candlelight Ceremony held in August on campus at the school.

Welcome to the family Class of 2020!