Texas Southern University has finalized its Campus Carry Policy. The policy, which goes into effect August 1, 2016, was established in compliance with Senate Bill 11 (Campus Carry) passed by the 84th Texas Legislature. In accordance with Senate Bill 11, only persons age 21 or older with a concealed handgun permit recognized by the state of Texas are allowed to carry their concealed handgun on campus.

A committee led by the Office of General Counsel and TSU Public Safety, and also comprised of Texas Southern University faculty, staff and students was charged with the task of gathering public input and developing which areas of campus would be designated as gun-free zones. Those zones are as follows:

  • All residence halls
  • Earnest S. Sterling Life Student Center
  • E.O. Bell Building (basement only)
  • Student Health Center
  • University Counseling Center
  • Airway Science Building
  • W.R. Banks Child Development Laboratory
  • Alee Mitchell Center
  • Central Plant, rooms 125 and 126
  • General Services Building
  • Science Building, second, third and fourth floors
  • Gray Hall Pharmacy Building, rooms 120, 253A, 256, 229, 214, 216, 222, and 207
  • Leonard H.O. Spearman Technology Building, rooms 138 and 235
  • Samuel Nabrit Science Building, second and third floors

TSU’s policy contains fluid zones that will change based on events that may be scheduled. In addition, TSU designated staff and faculty offices as discretionary zones, which means an officeholder may elect to have his or her office marked as a gun free zone.

The Texas Southern University Police Department, due to the unique location and configuration of TSU’s campus, has developed a campaign to educate our community on the requirements to lawfully participate in Senate Bill 11. It is critical that all members of the TSU community know and understand the difference between campus carry and open carry. Please note that open carry is strictly prohibited from all institutions of higher education in the state of Texas, including Texas Southern University. Any student, staff, faculty member, or visitor seen unlawfully and openly carrying a weapon will be subject to TSU’s disciplinary action and criminal prosecution. We will continue to set safety as a top priority for all students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. The full Campus Carry Policy is available for review at http://www.tsu.edu/.