Going to college can be tough. After high school graduation, prom and you’ve said your goodbyes to teachers it is now time to start a new journey. Although the ride to college can be a very overwhelming experience, there are some unwritten rules that can make it easier. Check out these ten tips for any student about to begin their journey at an HBCU.

Go to class

Going to class is one of the simplest ways to ensure academic success. Just go! Don’t think about it! Just go! If you realized how much you pay for a single class each day, you wouldn’t want to miss it. If you go to every class session available, are present and do your best you’ll succeed.

Be open minded

There are a lot of new ideas and lifestyles at any college that you may not be familiar with. It is important that no matter what you are respectful of everyone’s choices. When interacting with your peers, do your best to stay away from judgment. It’s not your job to change anyone, or conform to what others are doing just be respectful.

If you hear a word you don’t know, look it up

In college, you will hear lots of fancy words you may not have heard at home. Don’t be intimidated by that. Define every word that you are not familiar with and try to use it in a sentence the next day. College is a time to grow and expand your mind, take advantages of these opportunities to do so.

Find a big brother/sister

When you need a church to go to, a ride to the mall or sound advice, a big brother or sister is your go-to. When you get to school find someone you admire and reach out. HBCU’s are big on support and relationships. Just make sure you’re appropriate and your intentions are clear when you approach anyone for mentorship.  

Remember who you want to be

There’s a lot of temptation in college. Always keep your goals first. There’s a lot of parties, people, and distractions. The first week of classes write out exactly who you want to be and try to keep that person in the forefront of your mind. Let every decision you make lead you to become your truest and best self as you go through college.

Get to know your roommate

Your roommate is likely the first person you will meet and will probably become your best friend. Make sure you and your roommate have a good bond and can trust each other. Having a good relationship with your roommate makes the transition from home to college much easier.

Treat gender counterparts with respect

Gender issues can be a problem in college. Always make sure that your interactions with the ones you associate yourself with to reflect responsibility and consist of consensual activities.

Utilize office hours

It’s nearly impossible to fail a class when you have a relationship with a professor. Morehouse has some of the best faculty out there. When a teacher informs you of their office hours, take note and utilize them whenever you can.

Get involved in a student organization

One way to cultivate great relationships with students of all classifications is to join student orgs. Find an organization you can see yourself being dedicated to and join quickly

Enjoy the ride

You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to change, and you’re going to grow. It’s all apart of the process. Just do your best and be the best person that you can be, and that alone will be enough.