Dwytt Lewis is a freshman at HBCU Morehouse College in Atlanta. He is from Compton, California. Dwytt is an artist whose lyrical content is something special. He creates art with the intention of relating to and influencing his peers.

He credits his journey to Morehouse to helping him evolve as an artist.

“Prior to attending Morehouse, I only knew public information like its prestige and character building qualities. The summer before my freshman year, I developed an interest for the popular 90’s show “A Different World,” Dwytt said. “I watched every season of the show on Netflix. This show gave me a better perception of the HBCU experience.”

“I became very excited and anxious to attend Morehouse,” he continued. “My favorite character on the show is Dwayne Wayne. His growth on the show was amazing to me. Freshman year, he was a little scrub no one took seriously. By senior year, he was “The Man!” I want to grow like Dwayne and achieve goals as he did.”

Dwytt was so inspired by the character Dwayne on A Different World that he went on to write a song called “Dwayne Wayne” which is available now on his SoundCloud.

The intro of the song includes an episode of a song that dealt with racism and how Dwayne stood up for his rights.

“I want my music to be played decades after it is released. I also want my audience to connect to my songs.”

Dwytt also said that it is his family and community that inspired him to start wanting to create music videos.

“I want to make a better life for myself as well as those around. New inspirations surface everyday,” he said. “I want people to listen to my music and relate it to their lives. When I recorded “Dream Like Martin,” My inspiration came from Dr. King’s phenomenal “I Have a Dream” speech. Listening to the speech gave me hope and confidence in my dreams. The impact Dr. King had on people speaks volumes to me!”

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Dwytt also expressed how he would like to bring levity to serious topics, especially in the black community because no matter the circumstances we always seem to persevere. Ultimately, he says he strives to progress in music and reach his potential.

When asked who were some of his favorite artist and how have they influenced his work, he stated that he truly admired Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé and Kanye West. Iterating that each of these artists have left their mark on the music industry.

Dwytt aspires to do the same kind of work.

“I want my music to be played decades after it is released,” he said. “I also want my audience to connect to my songs. Each artist I have stated is exceptional at doing this. They are prime examples of what an all around music artist should be.”

For more information on Dwytt and his music he can be reached by the following:

Youtube: Dwytt.Music

Soundcloud: Dwytt.Music

Instagram: @therealdwytt

Twitter: @therealdwytt

Email: Dwytt.Music@gmail.com