Have you ever wondered how college rankings are compiled?

Each rank is based on a methodology and for the Historically black Schools rankings for U.S. News & World Report Higher Education, and 80 institutes were eligible. It is very strategic in how universities are ranked. Experts in the field look at academic quality through a nonpartisan view.

Students, faculty & staff, along with alumni play a part in how their college or university are ranked. The six categories that influence rank are administrators at peer institutions, student retention, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, and alumni giving.

With those categories being looked at closely it is understandable why graduation rates and first-year student retention rates play a huge part in a institution success.

The whole reason for an institution existence  is so that students go into careers after learning how to work in them.

The top three schools on the ranking include Spelman college, Howard University, and Hampton University. It is understandable to see why Howard and Hampton duke it out for the REAL HU! With percentage being calculated within each category, every aspect calculates so many points to the official score for ranking including 27.5 percent towards Graduation and Retention rates, 25 percent for peer assessment, and 20 percent for faculty resources.

HBCU Rankings 2017