First Lady Michelle Obama talked about the importance of education with Nick Cannon and Seth Meyers at a back-to-school event on campus at Howard University.

According to the Hilltop, Cannon is officially enrolled at Howard.

“The event at Howard University this afternoon was to support the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative and “Better Make Room” campaign,” reported ABC News.

On the importance of education, Obama explained:

“College was probably the most impactful thing that I’ve done in my life, other than being First Lady and having kids and marrying Barack Obama. But college did everything for me.

“This is one of the reasons why we promote Reach Higher in getting kids to own their future and go to college if possible. Because it changes your life. It opens up a world of opportunity.”

Cannon weighed in about his brother who also attends The Mecca:

“I got my brother here, he’s a junior. But he doesn’t wanna hang out with me because I’m a freshman!”

In response to Cannon’s comment, Obama said:

“He’s embarrassed by you. You’re just a young freshman.”

Later in the event, Obama also talked about how it’s important to fail in order to know how to succeed. She told the students:

“Failure is a part of success. No one got here in a straight line without failure. Everyone has had it, including the President, up and down. The thing you can’t do is hide from your failures. Seek help when you’re struggling.”

Nearly 250 Howard freshman was in attendance.

Obama and Cannon’s advice to students will air next week on Seth Myer’s show “Late Night” on NBC.