A video of a young musician who looks just like Trey Songz playing the singer’s hit “Heart Attack” on the violin and the piano is being shared across social media.

Corbin Allen goes to Morehouse College in Atlanta and has real, raw talent, Richard Pearson told HBCU Buzz via email. Pearson said that he came across the cool video on the web.

“He’s a good role model for young black musicians,” Pearson said. “I showed my little cousin now he wants to play the violin and piano.”

The video has already been viewed on Facebook over 7,000 times.

Allen is from Chicago. He plays the violin, sings and plays the piano. “The intention of my work is to show young people everyone you can play instruments and still be cool,” he said in his YouTube video caption.

Check out the video below and see it for yourself.

We thought it was very cool!


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