img_0477Imagine having $30.00 and a mixer to start a business.

This is a reality for Master Baker and North Carolina Central University student Keijuane Hester. Favor Desserts and Coffee Shop came to fruition in a life changing experience.  Getting involved with a drug scene, mixing and whipping desserts started for Hester while he was incarcerated. It was in prison where he began creating his first specialty, carrot cake. Sitting baking to the side, Hester left his gift alone for two years. Soon potluck dinners would take place at his job so of course he would make dishes he’s good at, desserts!

After tasting his treats many co-workers began asking how much he would charge for a cake. He was soon laid off of that job but applied to another one that required the accomplishment of the same task. After coming home one day he received a call that he didn’t obtain the employment. This is the moment Hester decided to step out on his gift.

Traveling to Barbershops, beauty stores, and various restaurants Hester was on a quest to sell his delicious treats to all that would give their taste buds a chance to think the same thing. Suddenly the buzz began to grow about his baking and many became curious if he could actually bake. After writing down the goal of opening a store front, 8 ½ years later Favor Desserts opened its doors at 5607 NC 55105 Durham, NC 27713 in the Bentley Ridge Complex. It was because of his nonstop networking and marketing drive that he is now a successful business owner.

Working out of a garage to now having six employee’s Favor Desserts is reaching communities all over North Carolina. Many stores closed their doors on Labor Day but through the glass window, you could see Hester in his orange shirt working hard to finish up for a big night.

“Overnight success takes ten years, it doesn’t happen tomorrow, it happens after years of putting in work,” stated Hester as he finished up boxing cakes swiftly for a huge football game.

When the store opened all employees made it a priority to help feed the homeless, support back to school drives, and have purpose in giving back to the community.

Hester even hires ex-offenders because everyone needs a chance and opportunity at being the best they can become.

He was once in jail but never paid attention to negativity because that could never stop his dream of being a business owner.

“I don’t listen to negative talk, all is based on someone’s opinion.  I don’t let it stop me, block me, I don’t feed into it,” said Hester as he finished making the stores most popular cake, red velvet. Right beside the red velvet was his creation of “The Love Cake” which combines strawberry and red velvet together in one.

Specials include the following:

Monday: Red Velvet Slices $4.00

Tuesday: Buy 1 slice, get a cupcake for $1.25

Hump Day: All Cupcakes $2.00

Thursday: New Cake Alert

For the month of September 10″2 layer and pound cakes are $40.00

The name of the store came about because Hester wanted a name with meaning.  He wanted God’s favor over his store so he named it Favor Desserts.  He learned quickly that you should surround yourself with people who are trying to grow like you.  Attending North Carolina Central for fashion he can soon have an audience eat cake while watching a fashion show.

There is always a special day at Favor Desserts and don’t feel bad if you can’t get into the store because they ship off desserts as well.

You can keep up with Favor Desserts  on Instagram at favor_desserts, Twitter @favordesserts and Facebook Favor Desserts.