Since 9th Grade Tennessee State University sophomore Brandon Lenox has used his talent of words to expressive himself. After competing in various poetry slams many people would ask Lenox where they can buy his poems. After many moments of touching people’s lives he began to put together all of his work and authored Diary of A Stage Sitter and later on isoLAtion.

Noticing that he didn’t have a cohesive piece of work he wanted to write poems that created self-motivation, that was easy to relate to, and base it on spreading love and faith.

When seeing ads on TV or opening brochures for colleges, you never see pictures of students starving because they don’t have food to eat. You never see them crying because keeping up with classes becomes unbearable. You never see confused faces because individuals are trying to figure out what they want to do in life. They don’t want to waste time and money because college is more than just a few dollars. You don’t see the struggles of waiting in financial aid lines and getting to the front of the line just to find out that something went wrong with your FASFA or loan.

Lenox writes a lot about his experience from his freshman year and believes it can motivate so many.  “When it comes to the freshman experience, I want to keep it real about the trials and tribulations because everything is not shown and many times there is no one to talk to”, stated Lenox.

In Diary of A Stage Sitter Lenox takes us on a journey that he speaks for all those who have words to say but always go unspoken. It’s the deep words of one’s soul that have been trapped and never found a door. Thinking that the poems would be hard to understand he struggled with the message but realized that the message is for personal interpretation. Being a part of a single parent home like many African American males in America, growing up wasn’t easy. Dealing with what life offered, which was a father who disappeared, and a mother who had to sacrifice more than she probably ever thought she would; created an earthquake in Lenox and now he speaks with passion to make a difference and relate to others.

41xkupE9GALIn isoLAtion he goes again correct grammar for the title because it has a message of its own. He emphasizes a lower case I to point out self-confidence and LA meaning love always.

Now 19, the sophomore hopes to reach hearts of many to give them something to read in knowing that even when you go unspoken you can still speak through difference volumes.

You can purchase Diary of A Stage Sitter and isoLAtion by clicking on the links below. In college many students can become isolated from everything and not realize that the campus they reside on has so many opportunities that would love to embrace them.  Through the book Lenox pushes readers into becoming confident in self. It’s okay to be a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit. It’s not meant to be forced.

Diary of A Stage Sitter