A short film titled “Against The Wall” is shining a light on ongoing cases of police violence aimed at the black community. The four-minute PSA, created by directing duo Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz along with social justice nonprofit Sankofa, is an attempt to further ignite a conversation around police brutality in the U.S.

The powerful PSA features stars and notable activists, like Jordan, Michael K. Williams, Van Jones and Sophia Dawson, literally pressed against a wall, mimicking the position many are told to assume before they are arrested. While they stare unflinchingly into the camera, real recordings of 911 dispatchers and national newscasts detailing the deaths of unarmed black men play in the background.

Before the end credits roll, the words “Black Is Not A Weapon” appear on the screen in white lettering. Co-director Gerard Bush said those words and the film itself point to the “weaponization” of blackness in America, challenging non-black people to confront their own racial bias and discover empathy for the black community.

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