HBCUs are some of the most stylish campuses in the world. Howard University, specifically, is a campus where some students will “pop out” just because. Overall, the goal for many students is to simply showcase their personality through what they wear on a daily basis.

Check out these two Stylish Students of the Week: Brijon and Khalil below.

Khalil Roberts is a Public Relations major/Graphic Design Minor from Connecticut. He describes his style as being “very 2003 Carrie Bradshaw, drinking a coffee, running down the streets of NYC.” He gets his style by mixing preppy trends with streetwear to create a comfortable but well put together look.

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Brijon Lashley ‘s style is just as dynamic and free as she is:

“It’s versatile. I don’t have “a look.” I dress how I feel I am that day.”

You can catch Brijon on the yard in anything from a graphic tee and Adidas to a boho-chic dress with sandals.

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