The world is not equipped to accommodate the needs of every type of human being. But MyKesha Smith, a 3’5 dwarf, took on her passion and college anyway.

Experiencing a college campus for the first time can be overwhelming for some but imagine it from a small person’s world. What’s huge to an average size person is humongous to them.

It is possible that you may have run across a video of MyKesha, also known as Keeshlino, on social media as her dancing and cheering is loved by thousands.

The passion for dance begun to sprout at a very young age.

When her mother, Patricia Smith, became pregnant she began attending doctor visits just as any other mother with a child will do. Then, the doctor noticed something wrong.


As she went along through the pregnancy doctors warned her to abort MyKesha.

Doctors from Shriners Hospital saw no way of a positive life. Special children are given to special parents and that’s how Patricia took it.

“They said she wouldn’t live because of this long name that I will not attempt to say, but it was a respiratory condition brought on by her dwarfism,” explained Patricia.

Going against what was suggested she went through the full pregnancy.


At 5-yrs-old MyKesha became fascinated with dance. Watching children dance sparked an interest in her, “Mommy, I want to dance,” an excited MyKesha expressed to her mom, tugging on her arm.

That same little girl is now inspiring a generation of teen dancers like Romello Blue:

“Keeshlino inspires me because she is always happy and has that chill vibe everywhere she goes.”

His inspiration for dance increased and now he travels dancing across the state of North Carolina by the name of Ysg Prodigy.

When taking a visit to her alma mater Livingstone, Keesh created a stir and two students even began running because they became afraid of her.


“Oh My God! I just was afraid to meet her because I’ve never seen a dwarf in person before,” said a Livingstone student.

After the young lady faced her fears and talked to Keesh it was all smiles.

“Usually you wouldn’t catch a person her size dancing and getting hype as she does, but watching her videos can make anyone’s day,” stated Blue.


Not wanting her daughter to be left out of any dream she wanted to accomplish, Patricia began working three jobs.

MyKesha always felt that she could do anything she wanted to and soon began cheerleading, dance, and participating in pageants.

Becoming so consumed with practices, dance recitals, and cheer competitions, many birthdays were spent on the road with celebrations at hotel rooms.

MyKesha was on a role with pageantry and was planned to compete against pageantry star JonBenet days after her murder.


Growing up her mother thought that she would have to explain that she wouldn’t be able to do many activities in life.

“One of the difficulties I had was trying to figure out some activities that she might enjoy and explain others she might couldn’t do those other children were doing,” said Patricia, laughing. It was funny at the time, she says, because there was nothing that she couldn’t do.

“Her bones are brittle and not like the average,” said many doctors but that meant nothing to the passion for dance.


Managing MyKesha is one busy task and no one knows that better than her manager Tiffanie Mills.

“Her energy doesn’t match her size,” said Mills.

By the age of 23 MyKesha has performed at the Queen City Awards in Charlotte, North Carolina, with DjDanceKing, DJ Awards Show with Alex Rodriquez, Carole Hefner Center for the African American Festival, and on the stage for the annual Taste Of Charlotte. If you have kept up with the Kooley Bros of Atlanta, Georgia you can catch her in one of their music videos.

Watching her swift moves you would never think that a respiratory problem even exists.


Since being a small child she has always had big dreams and now is the host of her own radio show. Every Friday you can catch “Keeping It Short With Keshlinooo” on from 11:30 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

One battle that was huge for MyKesha to overcome was college. Graduating from Livingstone was not an easy task but through perseverance, she completed the task.

College began as a nervous wreck.

She went into her freshman year as a biology major failing all of her major classes but still passed enough to go on to sophomore year.


Once sophomore year kicked off the nervousness kicked in and things went from bad to worse:

“My GPA fell to a 1.05 at the end of the semester and I was put on academic probation.”

Facing disappointment throughout her teenage years of applying for jobs, she knew that her college degree would make a better way for her.

Academic probation put a stop to cheer and dance for her until she could redeem herself.

Reflecting on all the jobs that refused to hire her because of her height, she knew that she had a point to prove.


She finally came to the decision of changing her major; a degree in social work became the new focus.

The degree finally came to fruition and Keesh accomplished a huge goal that so many cheered her on for.

This social media sensation will be going on tour this coming up spring.  You can keep up with Keeshlinooo on Instagram: @Keeshlinooo.