As October rolls around, we are nearing a very popular time in the African American community- homecoming season. From Howard to FAMU to Spelman and Morehouse, it’s consistently been known as one of the most epic experiences for HBCU students, alum and visitors. But what happens during these weekend celebrations isn’t always the case for the remainder of the school year.

For nearly 200 hundred years, HBCUs have been a mainstay in the African-American community, providing educational opportunities when Blacks were banned from attending predominately white institutions (PWIs).

But attending homecoming festivities every year without providing any financial contributions to one’s alma mater is the equivalent to buying a plant and refusing to water it. There’s a lot piling on top, but one can’t ignore some of the failing infrastructures of HBCUs–evidenced by several closures over the years–and if we don’t soon do something about it we could eventually see them collapse.

It’s why Sean “Diddy” Combs’ recent $1 million donation to Howard University was so important. To be more specific, the donation was designed to specifically reach “anybody that can’t pay off his or her financial aid.” That’s a really popular move.