Despite being mocked in the Central State University community for being a Trump supporter, Omarosa Manigault still could be headed to the White House.

The arch-villain contestant from Season 1 of Donald Trump’s reality show, and also a Central State grad, shared this photo on her Twitter timeline Thursday, after Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton in the election.

Omarosa, 42, told The Hollywood Reporter that Trump asked her if she was “ready to come with me to Washington.” But there was no discussion of titles or positions or appointments, according to the black university grad.

She added, “The next few months there is a lot of catching up to do. I’m getting married in six months.”

Omarosa was named the director of African-American outreach for the Trump presidential campaign and is good friends with Trump.

Maybe if she’s tapped to a Trump administration position, she’ll tell us to put some put some respek on her name.