Almost Christmas director and Morgan State University alum, David Talbert visited Morehouse College on Thursday to talk to film students.

Talbert was welcomed to a room full of visitors from the AUC. Attendees included students from Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Clark Atlanta University. The event started with a screening of the Almost Christmas film trailer starring an all-star cast. The film follows a dysfunctional family that reconnects for Christmas for the first time since their mother died.

The cast features talent such as Kimberly Elyse, Danny Glover and Academy Award Winner, Monique.

The trailer concluded with a thunderous applause from everyone in attendance. After the trailer viewing, Talbert engaged in a candid Q&A with the AUC. During this conversation, Talbert answered questions about his career, journey and gave tips on how to make it in the entertainment business.

Talbert expressed that when he writes a movie he always writes for himself firsts, adding that [Almost Christmas] came from within. “If it comes from an honest place and it moves you it will move others,” said Talbert.

It is safe to say that Talbert is very passionate about his films, which he both writes and directs. The crowd also learned that Talbert wrote impressive ninety-seven drafts of the Almost Christmas screenplay. When asked about his work ethic, Talbert said, proudly, “There are filmmakers who can create films better than me. There are writers who may be able to write better than me. But there is no one who can out hustle me.”

The First Sunday writer, encouraged the film students always to be willing to show up, be present and work. It is evident that the hard work, passion, and love of Talbert lives in each scene of this movie.

Almost Christmas is a labor of love that came from this man’s heart and soul. After seeing the trailer and hearing from the director personally, I think this movie is a must-see for the Holiday Season.