Dillard University students and alumni were pepper-sprayed on Wednesday by Dillard University police on campus for attempting to forcibly enter the auditorium at Dillard. They were protesting over the presence of David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, who would take the stage for a senatorial debate.

No arrests were reported, according to USA Today.

Source: TheAdvocate.com

“I’m appalled that Dillard University gave this man a stage,” Shaun King tweeted. “He’s a hateful bigot. He’d have to find another stage.”


He added, “I’m all for this. I love Dillard. Spoke there this year. HELL NO, though. You don’t allow David Duke EVER speak on a black college campus.”

Before the debate, Fusion reported that “Duke and his competitors will spend the hour-long debate speaking to a largely empty auditorium” because of the debate’s sponsor, Raycom Media, who earlier had “banned all students, media, and members of the public from the auditorium where the debate will be held.”

Source: Fusion

“Dillard University did not give him the stage, but by contract had to host him and the other candidates for Senate,” Nicole Tinson tweeted, in response to King’s tweet.

In an interview, Dillard President Walter Kimbrough said he’s in support of the right of freedom of speech.

“…even when we don’t agree with it,” Kimbrough said.

“Our main focus was getting him not to come. Or, if he did come, let our demands be met,” Dillard senior Brunisha Jones said. “But we soon realized that we had a whole other issue: that our administration would not listen to us.”