HBCUs are some of the most stylish campuses in the world. Howard University, specifically, is a campus where some students will “pop out” just because. Overall, the goal for many students is to simply showcase their personality through what they wear on a daily basis.

Check out these two Stylish Students of the Week below:

Imaan Esse is a junior, sports medicine major, chemistry minor from Memphis, TN. You can catch her slaying in anything from a graphic tee to a stylish low-cut dress.

“Anything I’m wearing I make sure comfort comes first.”

Imaan Esse

Imaan’s emphasis on simplicity and comfort may come as a surprise to some when they see her bomb outfits! Here’s Imaan’s quick formula for flawless outfits every time:

“I like dressing up simple outfits with heels and pairing them with some type of jewelry. Big hair, fitted bottoms, comfortable heels and a simple necklace is my go-to fit. Ryan Destiny and Draya Michelle are definitely style inspirations for me. They’re always seen in chic “on the go” looks that I love.”

Imaan’s Looks! 

Jahkada Chai is a freshman, business marketing major from Brooklyn, New York. She can be seen on campus in dope custom pieces, tight fitting body suits, flowy tops and so much more.

“Fashion is not just limited to the trends that everyone is wearing.”

Jahkada Chai 

Jahkada’s style expresses her personality and creativity perfectly. Here’s how she puts her looks together:

“My fashion style really allows me to express the way I am creativity with my clothing. It allows me to use different colors and styles to represent my mood for the day. I often like pairing different articles of clothing together that no one else would, or I would cut and modify the piece to go with my vision.”

Jahkada continues:

“Fashion is not just limited to the trends that everyone is wearing. I like to use some of the current styles and mix it up with a “wow” component. That could be dressing us a simple body suit with a custom jacket or boots. The idea is getting multiple uses out of one basic fit. My fashion sense comes from creating different looks that I have not seen people wear before and wearing it.”

Jahkada’s Looks!