Fayetteville State Chancellor James Anderson appeared comfortable using the controversial n-word while rapping with students at the black university on campus.

Anderson used the word while talking about guns and rapping with a group of students on campus. He has said since that it was a mistake.

“I encountered some students rapping one day in front of the student center,” Anderson said in a statement. “I stopped and listened and they asked me about my knowledge of rap music. They asked me if I knew any rap songs, and I simply was repeating lyrics from music with which I was familiar.”

“Admittedly, I should not have repeated a song that contained inappropriate lyrics, especially with so much violence in today’s world, and in a day and time when we trying to instill in our young men and women the importance of respect of others and each other,” he added.

Though, Anderson said that it would be wrong to be hypocritical and not use the original lyrics.

“Today’s college students are very astute to rap and hip-hop music. I did not want to be disingenuous and not use the actual lyrics because the students would have resented that,” he said. “At the same time, I spoke with them about the importance of not limiting themselves to one component of rap music.”

“I asked them also if they listen to positive socially conscious rap like Nas and Mos Def because it is my belief that you aren’t being open-minded and you are limiting yourself to one message if you don’t become familiar with the many messages being conveyed,” Anderson said.