The growth of blogging has transformed beyond the basics of text, there is now video blogging, micro blogging, podcasting and a host of other platforms and tools to share diverse and dynamic content. The importance of writing can never be understated because, in the areas of business, writing is crucial to the sharing and disseminating of information.

Writing shows the foundation of intelligence and that intellectualism still matters. HBCUs were founded to encourage thinking, reasoning, understanding collaboration.

As an instructor teaching Educational Technology at Edward Waters College, I have seen how blogging allows students to enhance their thinking and reasoning. The challenge is to get students to see beyond their writing limitations and expand their digital vision to see the benefits of creating their digital footprints that lead to exposure, networking opportunities and collaboration that can lead to employment and the start of careers never thought of.

Businesses are looking for young talent who have a passion for challenges and can work in diverse environments; HBCU students that can integrate technology with the human element of thought, creativity and innovation have valuable skills that they can market.

Blogging, Microblogging, Podcasting, Vblogging can aid in the Marketing and Branding of HBCU students especially those that have the skills to give them an edge. Conferences like, Blogging While Brown (the premiere blogging conference for bloggers of color and culture), Florida Blogging and Technology Conference (FLBlogCon educates and empowers bloggers by teaching best practices in diverse areas of tech for blogging), NicheParent 14 Conference (for digital influencers and bloggers) and Florida Blogging Conference for Educators where I was honored to present to educators and students on the engagement of Social Media.

WordPress / WordCamp conferences where developers, programmers, users and hosting services come together. Educators are not left out nationally there are EdCamp(s) of all types, a grassroots opportunity for teachers to share with teachers.

HBCUs across the nation are teaching the intricate dynamics of writing and applying writing to integrating with technology. The growth and influence of blogging can be seen in its infusion in Social Media platforms that are now money makers, business ventures based on content creation. The resources online for bloggers are free and even promote entrepreneurials.

There are many writing influencers like me and I encourage my students to find writers that they a connect to, one of the best influences for HBCU students is to find a blogging/writing mentor, either virtual or in person. It is important to find writers with
similar interests and abilities to model. Reading is important because the content is based on research and background information that will validate and carry your blog.

Choose your words wisely and apply your passion, you will make an impact in the world and be heard.

This story was written by Prof. William Jackson, Edward Waters College and Joshua Rodriguez and Jon Gregory EWC students.

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William Jackson is a graduate of South Carolina State University 1985 Earning a Bachelors Degree in Education, currently a proud educators of 32 years. Earned a Masters Degree from Webster University Masters in Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM. William is a national and international blogger, speaker, and community activist involved in WordCamp conferences nationally and internationally. Employed with Duval County Public Schools and past professor with Edward Waters College from 2004 to 2017. A Content Creator, Digital Innovator, Blogger, Educator and Influencer, he has over 10,000 digital impressions a week through his social media platforms and his Brand - My Quest To Teach Recognized and respected as a published blogger and international traveler.