On the campus of Morgan State University walks a stylish young man driven to enhance the world through his passion of architecture. Aubrey Johnson, who attends Morgan, where he studies Architecture and is a native of Philadelphia, describes his style as simple and versatile.

“I just find ways to tweak it for myself.”

His brother, Austin Johnson, noted that Aubrey stirs away from following others, saying “I think that Aubrey’s style isn’t one that follows trends.”

“I would describe his style as being balanced between professional and comfortable,” Marcus Coates said.

Johnson was also the face of A.B.C Modeling Inc. for the academic school year of 2014-2015.

“I go by a memorable quote from my brother William Graves: “Improvisation is just a part of life.” Johnson said.

“I think Aubrey is constantly working to improve in all areas of life, style just happens to be one of them,” JaNee Keyes said.

When asked who he gains fashion inspiration from, Aubrey quickly responded his big brother, Austin, adding “I just find ways to tweak it for myself.” You can keep up with Aubrey Johnson on Instagram.