Behold in the land of Green and Gold, Taylor Maria King has come to slay the day. King is a native of Conyers, Georgia chasing a degree in psychology. Fascinated by the mind, she dreams to become a mental health counselor and has a backup plan of becoming a teacher in higher education.

When asked how she describes her style, her response was, “eclectic.” King appreciates mixing the old school with new from a wide range of styles. With the ability to see the best of mixed worlds, you can see a street-style look incorporated with heels or a nice bootie.  You can also catch her wearing an old flannel shirt that transforms into a skirt nicely dressed down. That is some major reconstruction going on!

Everyone doesn’t have the same view on fashion but King defines it as, a way you showcase and represent yourself. No matter if she’s dressed up or down, she compliments herself on dressing all looks to perfection. When asked who is her inspiration in fashion she stated her mother and grandmother.  I guess for this girl, it runs in the family! Her mother envies her at times. “We can put the same dress on and she will rock it better than me,” her mother Pearl King, said.

King is involved in The League of Extraordinary Women, Virginia 21, and the Young Democrats. She also finds the time to volunteer twice a week at Suburban Park Elementary School. Her freshman year she had the privilege to serve as Miss Kappa Alpha Psi 2014-2015.

“Fashion to me is being natural and showing who you are while wearing different pieces,” King said.

“Risks are a double-edged sword, and Taylor have managed to remain remarkably unscathed,” her friend LoRenzo Mitchell said.

Her Do’s and Don’ts are very simple:

Do: Always be yourself.

Don’t: Let anyone define who you are or how you choose to dress.

You can keep up with all things Taylor on Instagram.

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