Central State, Howard Alum Omarosa Drafting Trump’s HBCU Executive Order

Continuing to build a relationship with Donald Trump, Omarosa is drafting his executive order aimed at HBCUs following Trump’s commemoration of Black History Month earlier last week, according to a source.

The Trump administration will host an “HBCU Fly-In” with leaders from HBCUs later this month.

“For decades our nation’s HBCUs have graduated amazing and talented individuals who have gone on to achieve remarkable accomplishments,” Sen. Tim Scott, who will host the day-long event alongside Mark Walker, whose wife attended Winston-Salem State University, said in a statement. “From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison and famed writer Langston Hughes, we have seen how HBCU grads have shaped the direction of our country.”

GOP political commentator and consultant Paris Dennard explained to Trump that under the previous administration HBCUs ended up neglected and put on the back burner.

But Trump’s support of HBCUs, according to Dennard, is vital. Trump was “shocked and upset” to learn what happened under President Obama’s watch. Omarosa, who is an alumnae of Central State University and Howard University, declined to comment on the HBCU executive order.

“I can, however, reinforce the president’s commitment to support historically black colleges and universities,” Omarosa said, “as well as school choice as he stated throughout the campaign.”