This CSU Grad Definitely Has More Swag Than You Ever Will

Meet Jazzmen “Baldhead Jay” Thurmond, the stylish Central State University graduate whose swagger is hotter than a sunny day in California.

She even calls herself “Baldhead Jay.”

“Fashion to me is expressing who you are in clothing,” Thurmond said when asked what fashion is to her, adding, “…The way I dress is fun to me. “I do not care what anyone thinks about what I put on.”

“I don’t really have do’s and don’ts when it comes to fashion,” she said of her do’s and don’ts, or lack thereof.

Thurmond continued, “Simply because something I would wear may not fit another person, and vice versa. My style may not be what someone else like. But that doesn’t stop me from wearing it because I wear what I want that makes me feel comfortable.”

When asked about her time at CSU, Thurmond stated that she “can remember my freshman year walking around campus in a ‘unique’ outfit ― I know people were talking about me, which made me feel great. I’ve always been into my own thing. I love hearing ‘Baldhead,’ you are the only one that can pull that off!'”

“Another thing about being at Central is that fashion is so diverse there,” she explained, noting that Central State students have their own style. “I love it! So it made me feel comfortable with the way I did my own thing.”

Thurmond’s style definitely is worth emulating.

She bought her first sewing machine in late 2016 (she says she will update us on that), she currently lives in Chicago and building her portfolio, all 2017.

“I have lots of people asking me if I can style them for different events, which is also exciting!” Thurmond said.

Damn, this CSU grad is cool.

You can follow her on Instagram @baldhead_jay.