New Book By DU Board Member MC Lyte And Lynn Richardson Tries To Dispel Dating Myths

“Money doesn’t solve a man problem, says MC Lyte and Dr. Lynn Richardson, and a man can’t solve a money problem but with the right man in her life, any woman can achieve harmony in her finances and in her relationship.”

With a conversation-oriented format financial expert Dr. Lynn Richardson and entertainer MC Lyte dispel the myths and share their tips on how they’ve achieved both: a good man and lots of money!

In an article on GlobalGrind, copyeditor, Kelsey Paine, asked GlobalGrind’s financial coach and author,  Dr. Lynn Richardson, a question I think many women think about one time or another in life!

Should a woman look for a man who makes more money than she?

“My thoughts are ABSOLUTELY NOT.  What does money have to do with love, respect, and honesty?  More importantly, if money – the man’s money in particular — makes the relationship better, then why are there so many rich people who are getting divorced and in unhappy relationships?”

Richardson continued by saying many women grew up with the dream that they would marry a knight in shining armor who would protect them, take care of them, and purchase the biggest house he could find so they could raise their kids behind a white picket fence, but the truth of the matter is this:  if they’re waiting on a man who has a bigger paycheck than them, they may be waiting forever!

She said not to be mistaken, a man who doesn’t work won’t eat in her house, but whether or not his paycheck is bigger than hers is less important than knowing she has a lifelong partner who has her back, who loves, protects and respects her, and who shares her values and goals for the future.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? Want more views on topics and questions as such? Purchase the book for just $20.00 here. For more information visit here. FB / IG @yourmanandyourmoney.