WH Press Sec: Trump ‘Wants To Really Show A Commitment In Funding To HBCUs … In His Budget’

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated, “…HBCU presidents will be in town later this month as part of a national celebration,” in Wednesday afternoon’s White House Briefing, elaborating on President Donald Trump’s HBCU executing order.

Spicer said, “We’ll have further updates on both the meetings that we may have with them, the activities surrounding that, in terms of the administration. And then I think we’ll have further updates on it, as I mentioned with all executive orders. We have nothing to update on that.”

He added, “But obviously, the President has a strong commitment to them and understands over the last eight years they’ve been woefully neglected.  And I think he wants to really show a commitment in funding to HBCUs.  And so you’ll see I think not just a push this month, but in his budget and going forward.”

Spicer also noted that Trump’s budget will address PLUS loans and Pell grants, among other issues.

(Spicer talks on HBCUs at 46:28 in the video above.)