Morgan Williams aka Morgan KTA is a sophomore, African American Studies major, History minor from Los Angeles, CA. She is also one of the rising DJs on campus! Although she’s always had a solid ear for good music, she began her craft in 2013. She got inspired after traveling to parties with her friend, who was a DJ. After seeing the way he controlled the vibe of the party, she set her sights on becoming a DJ herself.

I wanted that interaction between the crowd and the dj and I literally wanted to be the reason why everyone’s night was “so lit”

Morgan KTA

Morgan’s music style ranges from Hip Hop to EDM and everything in between. Her goal is to be the kind of DJ that anyone can hire, and the one that any crowd can vibe to. Her most recent project is Sorry For the Wait, a mix dedicated to her supporters who have stuck around despite her creative hiatus. 

A Message from Morgan KTA

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 Being a female DJ isn’t an easy job. When I walk into a party and people see me setting up they are really surprised to see a female DJ and I live for moments like that. I take that as a new opportunity to shock someone with all the hard work I put into my craft. By the end of the party the same people that were looking at me with doubt were the same ones that would come up to me shaking my hand telling me that I’m a good DJ and asking for my information and that makes me so happy. At the end of the day I always remain humble because I haven’t made it yet nor am I close to where I want to be and I am forever grateful for people that see my hard work and help me get better in any way!

Make sure to stay updated on all of the latest news and projects by following Morgan on her social media sites @MorganKTA.