Tennessee State Stylish Buzz Of The Week: Ebony Baker

Hailing straight from the “A” (Atlanta, Georgia) is Ebony Baker, a Theater major concentrating in performance. With a style described as “Dainty With An Edge” Baker awakens every day in the mindset to slay in some type of way.

Her close friend Pamela Taylor noticed more as she got to know Ebony better.

“I didn’t notice how cute all her stuff really was until we started hanging out more, she has the perfect outfit for all occasions and can help you find yours, haha.

Always up to something, you can catch Baker modeling with the Tennessee State University Allure Modeling Troupe, serving the campus and community through Christian ministry with She Is…Ministries, and performing with the T.E. Poag Players Guild.  “What shocks me about Ebony is her interest and passion for Black rights and history. I am shocked by this because I believe people always labeled her as being a sweet, rule-following little girl,” said her big sister, Erica Baker, who is also an FAMU graduate of 2011.

Ebony is really in tuned to portraying the art of black culture. “She looks awesome in her dashiki and African wear. I also appreciate how she expresses being proud of who she is and the skin she wears with graphics tee’s that speak to uplift the black community,” said her friend Pamela Taylor.

Ebony gives us simple Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to fashion.  They are as followed:


Always be confident in yourself and what you wear. If you feel good in it, then that’s all that matters.

Add some bold colors into your wardrobe!


Be afraid to mix patterns, have fun with different pieces!

Wear club attire to class, that is a no no!

Just follow a trend.  Put your own spin on it and make it yours!

Sleep on thrift stores! Period!

When her best friend and long lost sister Marissa Walker speaks, she means every word that she says.  “Ebony’s style is so unique, personal and distinct.

“Be yourself because if you don’t that’s ugly”, her style alludes to her HBCU education”.

You might not catch Ebony in person but you can always catch her on social media on Instagram @Ebonydon16 and Tumblr: Madefromsunflowers16